Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Day Jitters!!

I can hardly believe that tomorrow is my first day at Hooters!!! Cannot wait to start my training tomorrow! I just hope I can make a good impression on my fellow Hooters Girls and the customers. Off to review my table numbers and alcohol lists. More posting tomorrow!!! 

xoxo HGiT Pawz xoxo

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Orientation Day

Yesterday was a super exciting day! I had my orientation day for becoming a world famous Hooters Girl! My orientation was at 9:30 and I wanted to be a bit early. In order to be prepared for anything that may happen  today (i.e having to be in uniform or the possibility of having any sort of training) I got up early and got "camera ready" for my orientation day. Better safe than sorry! 

Now of course on this particular morning it happend to be raining cats and dogs outside (lovely) so that just meant that I would have needed to really pile on the hair spray in order to hold the curls. I packed my Hooters Girl survival kit (aka my work bag) with anything I would need for my first day:

             *Panty Hose (2 pairs) 
             * No-Show Socks (4 pairs) 
             * Extra Bra 
             *Emergency Kit with clear nail polish (for runs in nylons), extra nail glue, eye lash glue, mascara, bronzer, extra lip gloss, travel bottle of dish soap (for cleaning the shoes) and hair spray. 
             * White Sketchers Shoes (purchased these the day before at the Sketchers Outlet) 
             * Pens and a Small Notebook. 

Needless to say when it comes to jobs, I tend to be an over achiever/ over planner. I guess I get it from my days spent as a girl scout. 

After about an hour and a half of getting ready and making sure that my hair and makeup were picture perfect, I headed out into the monsoon-ish weather to my first day of orientation. I was extremely excited because I was looking forward to seeing what would happen that day. I had heard that I should be prepared to do a TON of reading as there would be so much to remember and learn. The over achiever in me was prepared to study and learn the best that I can to be the best at my new job. 

Given the circumstances of the weather, I arrived at Hooters around 9:20 (10 mins earlier than I expected) and headed inside. I met with my GM S again and we reviewed my required documents for employment and confirmed that I had electronically had completed my paperwork prior to orientation. I then electronically signed some documents on the computer and then we got into the nitty gritty. 

During orientation I received a TON of materials to read and review for my training as a Hooters Girl. I didn't realize that there was so much to learn! My GM went over the handbook with me, made sure I understood various parts of the handbook and their importance. Not too bad. 

After the handbook I received a training manual that I would have to bring with me each day I'm in training, a folder with printouts for the various menu and table tests I'll need to take, and also the ServSafe Alcohol Class book for me to get my alcohol service certification. There's so much to learn! I'm so nervous and I hope I can remember everything. 

Once all the important stuff was done, the moment I had been waiting for was finally here! I was getting my uniforms!!!! 

When I had my audition interview I was fitted for my uniform (XS in shorts and tops) so getting my sizes was not hard. I did get the crushing news however that the infamous crop top is in fact going away. My store and another store are the only two stores that have the "new" uniform tops and as a result we do not wear the crop top (bummer times 30).  Anywho... 

My GM brought out my uniforms and went over the rules and regulations and when to wear each uniform. 

**2 White Hooters Tanks 
**2 Pairs of Orange Hooters Shorts 
**1 Pair of Black Shorts 
**1 Black Tank Top 
**1 Pair of Tamara Panty Hose (size C suntan) 
**1 Brown Pouch (to be worn with the orange uniform) 
**1 Black Pouch (to be worn with the black uniform) 

Black Uniforms: Fridays and UFC Nights only. 
Orange Uniforms: Every Day except Tuesday (military night). 

Once I work a Tuesday, I will receive a military uniform (kind of excited about the camo shorts). 

Orientation in total took about an hour or so for me to be able to go through everything and get my uniforms. S told be that I would be training next week and that one day of my training will be classroom day dedicated to doing my ServSafe training. I left super excited to get going with training. 

So this is where the over achiever in me kicks in.  The day of my orientation I took all my materials home and began making my flash cards for my alcohol, beverage, and food menu tests (yeah, I don't waste any time). today I'll be going to Toys R Us and making my special hoops for work (one with orange and white for everyday but friday and one with orange and black for Fridays). Did I mention that my hoops light up?! Super excited!!! 

If you all have any questions, please feel free to comment below! I'll do my best to answer questions as best as I can. 

xoxo HGiT Pawz xoxo 

Monday, July 7, 2014

Applications and Interviews...oh my!

Was feeling particularly generous this evening and decided to post another blog entry about the application and interview process from my POV. 

Application Process: 

About a good chunk of the blogs I've read out there have had the girls going into their local Hooters and obtaining an application between the hours of 1PM and 4PM (the least busiest times in the restaurant that allows for optimal opportunity should an interview be extended at that time). In my case, I stumbled upon an opening for a Hooters Girl position via the world wide web. I had been visiting the site a number of times searching for an opening in the Hooters Girl department but had had no such luck. Finally I found an opening at my local Hooters in Novi which is not too far from my house at all. 

I wrestled with filling out my application and going back in forth in my head with the usual jitters and reservations that some girls have had (family opinions, what would my boyfriend think, what would my parents think, etc) and then I got over those thoughts, sucked it up, and began to fill out my application with all my information. 

One thing I did encounter on my application (since I was not applying in person) was submission of a recent photograph of myself. This made sense, gives them an idea on what I look like and what I could be like. Luckily, I had a very recent photo from my audition for an MLB fan squad so it worked out just fine. I hit submit, and waited to hear back. 

Now normally, they say that if any interest occurs with the management of the Hooters you've applied to, they will contact you in 3-5 business days. If you haven't heard anything, perhaps they weren't interested. It happens. If that were to happen to me, I wouldn't have taken it to heart. One day my day would come. 

About 2 days had gone by and I was at my weekday job heading to lunch when I had a missed call from a local number. My heart fluttered a bit and I nervously checked my voicemail. Sure enough, it was Hooters wondering if I could come in that Friday for a preliminary interview. Of course I couldn't say no!!! After hanging up I gave a joyful scream once I reached my car. I could hardly wait!!! 

Interview #1: 

I worked my usual weekday job on that Friday. Happend to be a doctor day but a short one as we were only in the office till noon. After my work day I picked up a quick lunch then headed home to get myself ready for work. If there's one thing that I have remembered from auditioning and even working for the Mouse as a merchantainment cast member, you always put your best foot forward and look your best for your first day. I decided to go colorful for my interview. I picked pink dress capris with a green light sweater tank and sweater jacket to go with it. Wore some suntan hosiery and some black low heel sling back shoes.  Did my make up natural but glamourous and styled my hair in flowing curls. 

Now my car decided today to be a particularly difficult case.  I started driving and my car began to smoke and leak windshield washer fluid. Not okay. My interview was at 3:00 and It was about 2:20. I'm a stickler for being on time and it bugged me that I was going to be running late due to this issue. I always want to make a good impression especially at a job interview. 

Having had a problem with my vehicle this forced me to have to turn around and run home to switch vehicles. Fortunately my mom was home and allowed me to take her van. I called the restaurant and made sure that they knew I was having car trouble.  The girl on the phone was sweet and assured me that they would see me when I got there. 

I hauled it from home and made it at 3:30 (thirty mins late, ugh). I walked in and waited at the front for a couple minutes for a manager to come over for my interview. Sat down at one of the tables and the manager asked me some questions. Why I wanted to work there, my work experience, and talk about myself. I was my usual bubbly, perky, friendly outgoing self and that shined through.

At the end of my interview the manager told me I would be going on to the next level. He wanted me to come in for an audition shift that weekend! I was thrilled but also nervous. I would have my audition on Sunday at 4PM. I got a slip of paper that told me everything I would need 

*White no show socks. 
*White tennis shoes 
*Suntan panty hose
*Makeup and hair styled to be camera ready 

I realized that this would be the time that I would meet the GM of the store and I would be trying on the famous Hooter Girl uniform!! I was super excited but also super nervous!!! 

Audition Interview: 

Fast forward to that Sunday. I got off my training job around 3 and headed home right after to touch up hair and makeup before heading to Hooters for my 4PM audition. I had packed my bag the night before with everything I would need for my interview and made sure I was prepared. My boyfriend was a bit excited but also a bit apprehensive about me auditioning for Hooters but I'll have more about that later. 

I arrived to Hooters at around 3:45 (15 mins early) and was greeted by the GM and another Hooters Girl. The GM (we'll call her S) was very nice and showed me to a table where we would sit an chat. First things first, she pulled out a plastic tub with the famous uniforms in them. S told me that there are sizes XXS, XS, and S in the bin for shorts and shirt. She then gave me the bin and showed me where the ladies room was. My job. See what fits. 

I took a deep breath and headed into the stall to try on the uniform. I had partially made up my mind that I was not going to be anything smaller than a small. Turns out I was wrong. Ended up being an extra small in both shorts and top. Now I had been worried about my "generous" sides (if you know what I mean)but the combination of panty hose and shorts made me tiny and I loved it! Once all dressed up I confidently walked out into the restaurant. Got some whistles, cat calls, and thumbs up from some of the guys wdining there which made me feel good inside. Sat down with the GM who asked if I was comfy in the uniform and I was! Didn't feel awkward at all. She then took my photograph and had me change back into my regular clothes. I was a bit bummed but hey, had the moment. 

After I was all changed I met with another manager whom I chatted with and he asked me some of the very same questions that S had. After that he left for a bit to speak with S. And I waited

And waited

And waited

and whaddaya know, waited some more. 

After what seemed like and enternity, S returned and said the magic words. 

We would like to offer you the position of Hooters Girl. 

I couldn't thank her enough! I had made it!!! 

I shook her hand and thanked her one last time. She instructed me to fill out my electronic paperwork and then we would schedule orientation. 

I can hardly wait!!! 

Tomorrow is my orientation at 9:30, I can't wait to see what's going to happen!!!

xoxo HGiT Pawz xoxo

Introductions and Such

So for the pure simple fact that every blog needs to start out with an introduction, consider this my jumping off point if you will. 

I had been recently reading some really awesome blogs online of girls that are current/former Hooters Girls (shout out to Sauce) and have loved the plethora of information that they have given as well as their insight and experiences while working at Hooters. Their blogs have motivated me to start one of my own. 

So to begin with my name is......thought I'd give it away! Nah, for anyone who knows me reading, you'll already know. For those of you that don't know me, we'll refer to me as Pawz (I know that sounds odd but felt it would be a good way to relate to me). I'm 25 years old and I absolutely LOVE my dogs (hence the nickname Pawz). I have 2 dogs,  a 2 year old shih tzu and a 13 year old mutt. They are my life and I love doing lots of activities with them.  I am also a full time college student at my local community college and I work 2 other jobs in addition to my latest gig at Hooters. I train dogs and work as an orthodontic technician. 

Most say I work myself to death, which they're probably right. I have always been one to have my bases covered as much as possible when it came to being financially stable and I'm glad I have found and obtained meaningful ways of doing so. 

Life has been a bumpy ride for me. I've had 3 surgeries in the past years for various things (foot and tonsils) with the most recent being the most serious of all. Will get to that later.. 

Now my journey to becoming a Hooters Girl has been somewhat of a long time coming. I had wrestled with the idea of applying quite a number of times but had never felt like I would "fit the bill" persay of the ideal Hooters Girl. Years back I was a bit chubby, frumpy, and not at all comfortable nor confident in my own skin. I knew this was a problem. Before I could even begin to think of pursuing a position at Hooters I knew that some major things had to change. I had to get back that confidence I had been missing, the sparkle I once had for life, and had to just find that spark to make me click all over again. 

Sure enough, I was able to find it and I gained the muster to head to my computer and apply. The rest after that is history. 

Throughout this blog, you will read about my insights, experiences, challenges, triumphs, and most important of all, travel with me on the journey of becoming and being a Hooters Girl. 

xoxo Pawz xoxo